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Sprint v4 released

Sprint is my best-selling Joomla extension to quickly produce a nicely-formatted PDF catalog with VirtueMart products.

Recently,  version 4 of the extension has been released. Let's see what's new.

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Best practices v2.0 released

As mentioned in my previous article, I was reviewing my Best Practices e-book. The review is now ready and version 2.0 has been officially released.

This free e-book (available as EPUB, PDF and MOBI) is a structure journey into adopting better development practices while creating Joomla extensions.

Get it now and become a better Joomla developer!

Plugins tips and tricks

programmin joomla pluginsI'm reading the book "Programming Joomla Plugins" by our friend Jisse Reitma of Yireo.

As expected, many topics are already familiar in GiBiLogic, but I'm also learning a few cool new tricks.

Here's some bits that I found most interesting.

If you're really into plugin development you should probably buy the book yourself.

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