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What's new in Sprint 2.2

Recently I released a new version of Sprint, the Joomla component to quickly create a PDF catalog from VirtueMart.

It contains some new feature that are worth to know.

Let's see them in detail.

All bootstrapped

I added the Bootstrap framework to the backend of our component, to get a clearer and nicer layout.

This was especially needed for the catalog form which has a lot of objects.

I hope this can make even easier to configure the catalog, also because I plan to add some more options to get even more flexibility.

Page background

You can now set a background image for each category.

The image will accomodate itself in a way that fills the whole page, making for a really nice and original display.

Who said that an automatically generated catalog cannot be also stunningly good-looking? :-)

Categories layouts

And now we get to what is, for me, the most important new feature.

In previous versions, the only difference between each category layout was the number of items per page it could contain.

Now you can assign a layout file for each layout.

These layout files are small pieces of code thay you can use to customize the appearance of each page according to your needs.

True, you have to know something about TCPDF commands, but you can just copy and modify an existing layout to make it easier.

I think this allows you to get really detailed and customized pages in your catalog.

A well done catalog

There is a reason behind these changes; I feel that the an automatically created catalog should not be ugly.

Even if it's auto-created in a few seconds it should be able to compete - from a graphical point of view - with hand-crafted catalogs.

And I think we're getting closer.

But it's not over yet; I have more ideas to improve Sprint and I hope to be able to have new releases ready soon!