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Sprint advanced features

Sprint is my best-selling extension to create a PDF catalog for VirtueMart.

In a previous article I reviewed its basic features. Now let's have a look at some more advanced uses.


In the configuration of each catalog you can see all available languages and choose to enable all or only some of them.

Sprint is able to get translations from VirtueMart 2 itself, which includes multilanguage, or from JoomFish in case of VirtueMart 1.

All included translations will be printed in the catalog, optionally prefixed by the relevant flag icon.

That is a huge saving in time and printing cost!

Frontend custom catalog

I already mentioned, in one of our previous articles, how Sprint can be used from frontend. But there is more to say about it.

Your first, simplest choice is to create the catalog from backend and then create a menu item to let the user show it. You can show either the HTML or PDF catalog.

Don't forget that you can create several catalogs with different categories and/or different graphics. For example you create two different catalogs:

  • a shorter version, with only the most important products, for a quick offline browsing
  • a complete version, with all your products and a professional design

And that is not all.

You can also let your users choose the categories they want in the catalog. They won't be able to change any other settings: they can only include or exclude categories amongst the ones that you have made available in that catalog. Those categories will have the graphic setting you have chosen in advance.

So, not only you can offer your users different catalogs, but they are also able to create their own custom catalog!

Front and back cover

Since you're creating a PDF catalog ready to print, why stop at the content?

With Sprint you can set a front cover and a back cover. Any image you set will automatically be stretched to cover the whole page.

With that, the summary article and the index, your PDF catalog is ready to be read, printed, distributed anywhere!

More to come

There are a lot of new features I'm thinking about. Here a list of random ideas:

  • watermark option
  • full screen HTML catalog
  • hikashop support
  • additional fonts option

I'd love to hear your feedback about that, so we can focus on the most wanted feature(s) for my next releases.

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