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JCE is a powerful editor for Joomla; you may already know it since it's one of the most popular extensions.

What you may not know is that it already has HTML 5 support, and that is a good thing.

Let's see why.


Both in Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 the default editor is TinyMCE.

TinyMCE is not bad, but our feeling is that JCE is definitely better.

To be fair, JCE is based upon TinyMCE, so is like having a PRO version of TinyMCE for free.

We feel that JCE:

  • it's more stable
  • it's easier to use
  • has additional features
  • has some really interesting plugins

So since several years JCE is one of the first extensions we install on any Joomla site.

If you would like to know more about JCE, you may go to their site:


In case you have lived under a rock for some time now, HTML 5 is bringing a little big revolution in the web design world.

After the slackness of HTML 4 table-based layout, and the strictness of "we're-basically-XML" XHTML 1 specs, it seems we have finally a tool that does his job.

HTML 5 is really meant for the web as we know it now.

So, for a start, you have a much more complex semantic need. Or, in other words: new tags.

Back when all you wrote on the web was hypertexts, you needed more or less the same element types that you can find in a common editor like LibreOffice.

But sites have evolved from there. And incidentally that means you cannot do webdesign with LibreOffice anymore. Sorry. :-)

So, if you use HTML 5 you should start to use new tags like:

  • header
  • section
  • footer
  • sidebar
  • article
  • figure
  • hgroup

And so on. Without bugging you with the full explanations, let's just say that they identify better what's the purpose of each piece of content in your HTML page.

Do you remember ever read / been teached to properly use ol, ul, h1-h6 and so on?

That's the same thing, only you have more tags to remember :-)

JCE and HTML 5

The good news is that JCE already supports a lot of this tags: you can find it in the "format" dropdown menu.


If you can't see them, please check your editor parameters in JCE configuration (Components -> JCE Editor -> Profiles -> click on desired profile -> Editor parameters):


So no excuses, whenever you write an article in Joomla you are able to write in HTML 5 thanks to JCE.

Happy editing!