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Sprint Documentation

Advanced usage

Sprint is a Joomla component that you can use to quickly create an HTML or PDF catalog with your VirtueMart products.

This advanced guide will help you discover some of its more powerful features.

For additional support, you can read on the documentation or contact us. Please remember that support is provided only to active subscribers.

Last updated: 22 Jul 2016
Sprint Version: 3.2.0

Category layouts

It's not mandatory to select category layouts: if there are no layouts defined, your categories will use the default one. 

But in the core Sprint package there are a few basic layouts you can use to customize each category according to your needs.

You can see the list of existing layouts in Manage category layouts.

For each layout you will see:

  • name
  • description
  • pagebreak after # elements
  • associated layout file

We suggest NOT to change the pagebreak or layout file data for core layouts, unless you really know what you're doing.

On the other hand, feel free to change the name and description according to your needs.

When you create a new catalog, you can assign any layout to any category.

See also "Create a custom layout" documentation article.

Create catalogs from frontend

You can create menu items that let your user display a catalog from frontend. 

There are four menu item types in Sprint: all of them need as a parameter the id of the relevant catalog (you can get the catalog id from the catalog list).

That means you must have created at least one catalog in backend before you can use frontend menu items. 

Here are the available menu item types:

  • HTML Catalog: display an HTML catalog 
  • PDF Catalog: display a PDF catalog
  • Catalog form: display a simplified catalog form that only let you choose which categories to include, with no other configurations.

Catalog creation from frontend is normally available to all users, but you can set a different Access Level in the menu item configuration to let only some user groups (e.g. Registered) access this menu item.