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Create a custom layout

Sprint is a Joomla component that you can use to quickly create an HTML or PDF catalog with your VirtueMart products.

For additional support, you can read on the documentation or contact us. Please remember that support is provided only to active subscribers.

Last updated: 22 Jul 2016
Sprint Version: 3.2.0

Create a custom layout

Sprint offers you a set of layouts that you can choose from.

If you already tried them and no one adapts to your needs, you will need to create a custom layout.

The simplest way to do that is:

  • choose the existing layout which is most similar to your needs
  • duplicate the layout file into a new one
  • add the new layout in the Category Layout Manager
  • use the new layout
  • edit the file as you wish

Let's make an example.

1. Choose an existing layout

Say you want to have a layout similar to the "Standard" layout, but showing the full product description insted of the short one.

2a. Duplicate the layout file

First, create a copy of the file


and name it as you wish, e.g. "mylayout.php".

2b. Or use another custom layout file

You may also have received a custom layout from us; in that case just paste the file into the folder


and the proceed with the next steps.

3. Add the new layout file

Now that you have a new layout file, you need to let Sprint know that it exists.

So enter your site backend and go to Components -> Sprint -> Available Category Layouts.

Here, click on "New" to create a new layout .

Give it a name of "My Layout", or whatever you prefer, and choose the appropriate layout file from the dropdown.

4. Use the new layout

At this point, to be sure you did everything correct so far, modify your catalog categories so that they use this new layout.

If everything is correct, you should see everything exactly like if you were using the standard layout.

5. Edit the layout file

Now that everything is ready, you can edit the new file and do all the required changes.

In our example, it means opening the file and changing the variable




P.S. of course if you received a custom layout from us or from other developers you don't have to edit it.