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Question marks and other strange chars in the catalog

Last updated: 22 Jul 2016
Sprint Version: 3.2.0
Sprint is a Joomla component that you can use to quickly create an HTML or PDF catalog with your VirtueMart products.

If your language include some non-ASCII chars, you may see a question mark (?) instead of those chars.

Sprint includes a stripped down version of TCPDF with only some basic fonts that don't include all UTF-8 chars. Here the instructions to fix it.

1. Install latest TCPDF version and TCPDF additional fonts.

You can download Joomla installable packagers from

Now you can use the "dejavusans" to get full UTF support chars.

Note: if you want, you can also download additional fonts for TCPDF from somewhere else, and add them into the TCPDF "fonts" subfolder.

2. Set the configuration option

Open the component options, open the "PDF creation" tab, and change the "Default font" setting to "dejavusans".

Additional support

For additional support, you can read on the documentation or contact us. Please remember that support is provided only to active subscribers.