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Troubleshooting faqs

Before asking for support please review these very frequent problems.

Nothing works!

And you don't know where to start.

Follow this procedure

  1. Save the catalog
  2. Create an HTML catalog
  3. Create a PDF catalog

For each step, don't move forward until you're able to complete it. Check faqs below to fix common issues

I can't see my categories

In the catalog configuration form, there are no categories.

Check if they're published, and then check if you have set the correct language option in Sprint configuration. 

You only need to set the language option if the VirtueMart default language is not the same as the Joomla backend default language.

The catalog is not saved

You are not even able to save the catalog form.

1. You are missing jQuery on Joomla 2.5

If you are using Sprint 3.x on Joomla 2.5, you need to manually install jQuery

2. If you have many categories, you may need to change the PHP settings that by default limit the number of variables in a form to 1000.

max_input_vars = 1000 = 1000
suhosin.request.max_vars = 1000

The last two lines only apply if you use Suhosin patch on Apache (if in doubt ask your hosting provider).

3. You may have a non correct version of the database.

Please uninstall Sprint and reinstall. Of course you'll have to recreate your catalogs.

Blank page when I create the PDF catalog

You can produce the HTML catalog but you get a blank page when you generate the PDF catalog.

This is usually due to memory or timeout issues. Enable error reporting in Joomla and try again to generate the catalog: you should be able to see the cause of the issue.

I can't see products names and descriptions in the generated catalog

You can see the catalog but the products names and descriptions are missing.

Be sure that at least one language is selected in the catalog configuration form.

After installing VirtueMart 2.0.24, my PDF catalog does not work anymore

You install VirtueMart 2.0.24 AIO and the PDF catalog stops with a blank page.

VirtueMart 2.0.24 installs an older version of TCPDF. Install this instead:

I see strange characters in the catalog

Read the documentation article "Question marks and other strange chars in the catalog"

Additional support

For additional support, you can read on the documentation or contact us. Please remember that support is provided only to active subscribers.